Love is all around me

As I walk the streets

Its filled with people

People going about their daily life

People enjoying their being

People smiling and restful

People entangled with love

In a coffee shop

Sat there quietly with tea and a book

Book as difficult to decipher love

He tussled her hair

Emotions flowing like a river

Do I envy

Do I want some

Of course

If life was that easy

Am I alone, yet again

I'm trying to cry

I want to cry

But there is no sobbing or voice

I see love everywhere

Until it makes me sick

We humans are funny

In relationship we want out

Out we want in

What do I want?

Seems the question

But the real quest

Is to seek answer

Answers lies not in books or teaching

Rather experience

Experience of now and tomorrow

Poovan- 5-10-2009

Poovan Manosh Rey « Sent from my BlackBerry Bold!!»


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