2012 & $9

Yesterday I went to JB to watch 2012 movie. Why JB? Please don’t ask. Sometimes it feels liberating to be just outside of Singapore. I went alone and had a good time. Well I suppose I should have selected a better time to travel out as I spend more then 2 hours sitting inside the buses. I did watch lots of videos on my blackberry.

After rushing through the Saturday night movie-goers in city square I got one ticket for almost sold out 815pm show. I was delighted and walk around city square window shopping. I dropped by a book shop to gather some stationery and cheap “season’s greetings” cards. You know those that comes in packets of 5 and cost cheaper then a Value meal at McD. I was very successful. My shopping bag contained a colorful mouse, 2 blue, 2 black and 1 red pen as well. A notebook for my new project.

After that I approached the food court to get some food.. as I was feeling rather peckish. I got some food from a Nasi Padang stall. My plate had steaming white rice, Tempe goreng, Bergedel and mixed vege stir-fry with squids. I paid a whopping RM9 and slowly looked for a table to down my dinner.

For a moment I was dumb-struck, have I been cheated or as the economy pushed the price way up. Few weeks ago.. me, Jasmine and Martin had lunch in Jb before our drive to seremban.. and I remember spending about RM20 for three of us together with drink. Surprisingly the food was delicious but still felt RM9 was too much.

I thought of poor families where the household earning less then RM1000 – wondered how they’ll survived. In Singapore we’re blessed with affordable food with a huge variety.

Then I was off to the movie 2012..even thought it was a visual feast with believable graphics but having a divorced parents running and flying around the world trying to save their children seems hard to believe.. The world was going to end and a new dawn is approaching slowly. The Mayan discovery was the backbone of the plot and was not well explored to my liking.

Well you be the judge.. here is the trailer..

2012 Movie Showtimes




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