Ironing as a way of Life… the TOP TEN WAYs TO ENJOY IRONING

Priya called me today and asked me to write a post on IRONING. I thought how mundane can one’s life get!! LOL. but personally I enjoy them. I hate washing and folding cloths. To be honest I’m not sure how I can make anyone enjoy ironing as the liking should start in the head. However if I ignite some awareness about the importance of an IRON BOX and the activity of ironing maybe people will approach this dreaded task from a different angle.

(thanks to wikipedia)

Ironing is a day to day chore that requires the person (usually newly-married-wifey) to pressed the heated iron box against the fabric (usually the hubby’s work shirt hmmm..) to remove wrinkle and creases. The heat actually loosens the bond between the long chain of polymer molecules in the fibers of the material. For cotton a sprinkle of water together does the trick. Ironing can be regarded as a germ/parasite murdering hygienic operation as well. So not all bad news..

There is a long history for Iron. Some believe metal pans are filled with charcoal and used smoothing fabrics in China as early as 1st century BC.. now a walk down the Best Denki you can get the latest range.. soon you’ll get one that’ll can do the ironing on it’s own.. believe me it’s about time.

(thanks to wikipedia)

So now how do you change this mundane chore to something more enjoyable. here are my top 10

1. Imagine Ironing as one of your favorite things to do.. whatever you perceive-happens!!

2. Listen to your favorite music while you iron

3. Iron in batches.. like once a week.

4. Designate a time frame for ironing. Like an hour.. stick to it.. don’t overdo it.

5. Watch this video because the pants are tricky under the iron.. take some time to master.. with the right skill you can do it in shorter time.

6. Reward yourself with a slice of cake.. don’t eat it before or while you’re at it.

7. Insist on getting that compliment from your hubby on how beautifully pressed the shirt looks.

8. If the task is really getting to you.. start a support group (for Ironing) behind your house.. I’m sure if you feel this way.. lots of others do too.

9. Talk to others at the market, movies, dinners on sharing and learning the best techniques. It’s a skill you can get learn and master

10. Read this blog post again… then sent them to your friends..

“My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.”

 Erma Bombeck quotes


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