Vinnai Thandi Varuvayaa VTV

Last week I got an sms from Priya asking me whether have I watched VTV. She knows I'm a big cimbu fan. I am. Gone are the days when I rush to the cinema to catch a glimpse of him on first day of the his movie release. Gone are the days when I sent gifts to him and manage 600-members fan club for Silambarasan. I've moved on.

From young child artist to his debut as a hero, Cimbu too has come a long way. He has grown up to become one of the most sort after heroes of the tamil movie industry. He is a playback singer (where is the party?), director (Vallavan) and actors in many successful movies. Talented and cute (some may beg to differ). I still love him.

I rarely watch tamil movies in Singapore because I catch most of it whenever I cross the border to JB. But this was special. Silmbarasan was the hero. I visited the newly reopened REX cinema at McKenzie Road to watch VTV.

I'm not going to write a synopsis here as I want you guys to have the first impression in the cinema. Just expect a different re-incarnation of Cimbu in VTV.

I was blown away with the cinematic experience coupled with brilliant location. One of the big highlight of the movie was, the music which was composed by none other then the double Academy award winning music director AR Rahman.

I read that this is first tamil composition after JaiHo. So it was a long awaited treat for all his die-hard fan. The arrangement was superb and mind blowing. When the songs was picturised it was like watching a musical. Songs and backgrounds scores are carefully weaved into the scene to create an immense experience for the audience.

From the first song Hosanna – that starts slow then the rhythm picks up once the scene enters Malta. After that you'll be humming the tune all day like me. Hosanna means crying with adoration. This has become one of my favorite song.

Another one will be the slow number sung by the beautiful songbird Sherya Ghosal. Its very peaceful and lyrical.

If you haven't got the cd please check out the songs on youtube. The album was launched at the BAFTA awards in London on 19th dec2009 ahead of Chennai. The songs are available for downloads in Amazon and iTunes. Its the first time a Tamil movie album has garnered such a recognition.

I will write more as the reviews and critics starts flowing in. I'm even thinking of watching it again in. the cinema. So don't miss out.

Attached some pictures I took around the REX cinema.

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4 thoughts on “Vinnai Thandi Varuvayaa VTV

  1. thanks for the prompt replyI guess you are from India and would have watched movies in Sathyam Cinema etc before. I feel that the sound system and overall technology and aesthetics, ambience etc of theatres here showing Tamil movies (GV Yishun and Golden Beach Rd) are not in par with those of Sathyam etc. (though I have not watched cinemas in India before, I can say for sure that it is better in Sathyam than those here)I was hoping the new Rex will improve on these. And what a way to experience it other than with A R Rahman's music. Do watch at Yishun and compare it with Rex.And as for the movie, I loved it and can't get enough of it.

  2. thanks for sharing. I'm from Malaysia originally. but been residing in Singapore for a long time.I've yet to visit Sathyam, but I might soon.. when I go to India that is. enjoy the movie once again.I'm kind of hooked with the songs now..have a great dayps: i'm trying to convince a friend to follow me to Yishun soon.

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