Ramya birthday weekend (Text)

I have cute and adorable niece who recently turn two. This gives me an opportunity to visit my family in Kuala Lumpur. I flew in via tiger airways for the first time.

Got to KL around midnight followed by sumptuous supper at a chinese. It’s been a long time since savoured the thick noodle with black. It was yummylicious. After a quick shower was off to bed.

My Saturday morning started with a visit to my brother’s place. I wanted to pass the the clothes that I bought for my niece. She was crying due to stomachache but was rushed to the clinic. Did not get to see her all excited about the new clothes. Which she always is.

Haircut and massage was next. 3 hours of self pampering started. Full body massage, yogurt and turmeric body scrub and rose petal flower bath. I was rejuvenated with baby like skin. Got home and took another short nap.

My Saturday really started with coffee with a new friend then Nasi lemak for dinner. Jo was around the area and he decided to join me for a drink. This time alcohol. What followed was
Clubbing, breakfast at McD and I got home at 6am. Wow! what a night!

Sunday greeted with a bad hang over and headache. Gulp down as much as water I could. The birthday lunch was about to start and I wasn’t quite ready yet. It was a full banana leaf south Indian lunch. The food was good but I was to involved in my hangover to fully appreciate it. Cake cutting was next.

My niece was really enjoying herself eating off banana leaf and walking around disturbing everyone nearby. Some of the proceeded to Sunway pyramid but u ended up in my bed again.

Well there were more food. Dinner at Chinese restaurant. Closed my eyes pass midnight. Woke up at four in the
Morning. Took a shower after watching Spain won the world cup 2010. I must add it was not a great game. I was glad did not watch it from the beginning.

My brother drove me to the airport and now waiting for My flight.


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