Batura Dinner

I was one of the people believing that our teeth and digestion system is designed to eat only vegetables like a herbivore (yes like a cow). We have flat molar teeth, no claws and acidity level just enough to wash down Palak paneer. Of course we've been downing anything that walks, fly and swim. I am not against nonvegs and I am not a vegetarian. But I only eat ethically and free range meat which is hard to find and cost four time more. So I thought for dinner I would just stick to the batura set with masala tea. The food is great and the Chana masala is too die for. I still remember we could get a decent food below $6 before. For my meal tonight I paid $10.40. 10% for service charge and gst at 7%. It was just tiffin not even a thali meal for which I need to pawn my hand.

I don't mind paying but I think it had to be reasonable.

What can we do?


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