Austrian Wine Festival 2012

Austrian Wine Festival image

Austrian Wine Festival 2012
Date: 17 February – 17 March 2012
Location: Various venues
Time: Various times

Held from 17 February to 17 March 2012, this month-long celebration celebrates the quality, uniqueness and versatility of Austrian wines. The Austrian Wine Festival 2012 edition promises even more where you can get up-close and personal with eight winemakers from top Austrian wineries, and savour a wide variety of premium Austrian wines that will be paired with exquisite dishes prepared by Singapore’s iconic Austrian chefs as well as the 1-Michelin star chef Christian Winkler from Austria at various participating top restaurants such as Brasserie Wolf, Les Amis, The Steakhouse, Tippling Club and Guy Savoy. Embark on a culinary journey of unique wine and dinner pairings, crafted to please the palates of wine connoisseurs and gourmands alike. Don’t miss the opening event “The Balthazar Night” at Brasserie Wolf on 17 February 2012 Friday for an eight-course wine-food pairing dinner featuring top Austrian wines served from huge 12-litre Balthazar bottles that are here for the first time. Visit for more info.

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