The tie-bar: how and when to wear one

Tie bars are definitely making a comeback. Whether you accredit it to the retro revival or just simply the swinging of the fashion clock’s pendulum, there’s no denying this plate of shiny silver has earned its right into your wardrobe. It definitely screams retro, but in a good way, and with today’s sharply tailored suits, eye-catching color palettes, and focus on the detail, it’s a good idea to invest in one of these little guys to spruce up your work look.

By now, you’re probably accustomed to the pocket square as a necessary element to your suit. The tie bar can be added as a seamless addition. If you’re just now hitting the work force though, you’re probably not familiar with how this little accessory is worn. You may be wondering how to wear one, what to wear one with, what not to wear one with, and what it’s all about. Well, Fashion Renegade is here to help. Here’s a handy little guide to this dapper detail.

Today’s well-dressed man knows that it’s all about the contrast. Popping a little color with your necktie, bow tie, pocket square or socks adds fashion-forward fun to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. Especially when you’re preparing for another drab day at the office, looking like a boss can help you prepare for the humdrum as well as that possible promotion. Nobody wants to hire a sad sack, so pay attention!

One great thing about a tie bar is that it’s actually functional. Unlike the pocket square or fedora hat, it’s more than just a silly accessory that serves no actual purpose. A tie bar effectively keeps your necktie in place, at attention, and out of your lunch. There are also lots of affordable options and the same one can be worn over and over again. The correct placement for your tie bar is between the 4th and 5th button, but you can also raise it up to between the 3rd and 4th button for a trendy take that makes you appear long and lean.

It’s not faux pas to don both a pocket square and a tie bar, but it might upset the focal point of your outfit. If you are a fashion maverick and know the look you want to pull portray, then by all means go for it. However, if you’re just a beginner in the realm and don’t want to make a serious error, sometimes it’s best to opt for just one or the other. Too many competing elements can make you look like a fashion victim, or worse, like you’re trying too hard. The goal is effortless style.

When choosing a modern tie bar, buy one that covers only about ¾ the width of your standard tie. Don’t forget this season is all about experimenting with color, so be sure incorporate some. You don’t want to suit up in a black suit, white shirt and tie bar or else you’ll look like a detective from the 1940’s. Unless you’re playing that character in a movie, don’t do it. Finally, stay away from tie bars with a chain, or as they’re commonly called: tie chains. They’re still totally outdated, for now at least.


Manosh Rey 
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