Peter Tatchell and Sun’s Dear Deidre columnist new FFLAG patrons

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, Deidre Sanders of The Sun’s agony aunt column Dear Deidre and psychologist Professor Ian Rivers have become patrons of FFLAG.

Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gay Men announced the appointments of the new patrons today.

Sue Allen, Chair of FFLAG says: “We have a ‘dream team’ joining our other wonderful Patrons. With Deidre, Ian and Peter’s support we know that we will be able to reach out to even wider spectrum of parents and LGB individuals who need our support. We are absolutely delighted.”

FFLAG is a national organisation of parents of LGB sons and daughters offering support, advice and information to parents who might be having difficulties accepting their child’s sexual orientation.

They also support LGB individuals who want to come out to their parents. FFLAG’s helpline (0845 652 0311) and confidential email answering service ( are run by parent volunteers who have themselves got a gay son or daughter.

There are parents support groups across the UK. For more information visit


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