PSST! Wanna have 1000s of people check out your profile? Just fill in the gaps and you could be a Ga

Imagine over 80,000 people being able to see your profile in one go! That’s what could happen if you apply to be one of our Featured Members!

What’s a Featured Member?

Every week on our Facebook page we’ll be uploading a new image of a Featured Member that will be pinned to the top of our wall, along with a link to your profile page. This will make you instantly visible to anyone that visits our Facebook page. You’ll be the first thing they see! 🙂

As our Community Assistant Eric is demonstrating so wonderfully below, the image will be a picture of you holding a sign which shows your loves (smiley face), hates (tongue sticking out) and what you’re looking for on (magnifying glass). The idea is to give members a quick snapshot of who you are, your hobbies and interests, what you’re looking for, and make it easy to connect with you if they like what they see!

How to be a Featured Member

Taking part is easy! Here is our simple 3-step guide:

  1. Print out a copy of the Featured Member sign PDF here. Using the image below as a guide, use the ‘print’ icon on the page to display the PDF and then print; don’t print direct from the  ‘File’ dropdown on your browser or it will print all weird and wonky.

  2. Fill in your loves, dislikes and what you’re looking for on Write or draw pictures (nothing dirty though, please)! Use a thick pen so it’s easily readable and write clearly!
  3. Take a photo of you holding the sign and looking gorgeous. Make sure it’s high-res, there’s adequate light and clear focus. Save it as a JPG and send it to with Featured Member in the subject line.

And that’s it! We’ll select Featured Members and be in touch to confirm when your image will appear. Please bear in mind that our Facebook page is visible outside of, so you must be comfortable with your sexuality and knowing that anyone can view your image and profile. Obviously you need to have a profile to take part! 🙂

OK, we’ll let you go and get creative now! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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PSST! Wanna have 1000s of people check out your profile? Just fill in the gaps and you could be a Featured Member!


Manosh Rey 
Let’s us inspire you to be green

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