Top fashion mistakes men make [Part Two]

Finding your personal style is a journey, not a decision, but there are certain elements to dressing that no man should neglect. No matter what you consider your signature look, there are certain things that you must avoid doing. Fashion Renegade would like to encourage our readers to put their best fashion foot forward, which is why we’ve compiled this series. Catch the first half of this article in ‘Top fashion mistakes men make [Part One]”, which was published at an earlier date. This list is by no means exclusive, but if you avoid these errors then you’ll at least evade the fashion police.


Backpacks are certainly an acceptable form of luggage if you’re a high school or college student, but after your tassel crosses from the right to the left it’s time to reconsider your baggage needs. When entering the professional workforce, it’s best to go with a bag that oozes maturity. The worst possible thing for a man in a suit is to ruffle it all up by throwing a backpack over his shoulder.

Backpacks are casual, and therefore should only be worn in casual settings. There are of course exceptions such as leather knapsacks, but should only be worn when trending. However, unless you’re a member of a creative field, these trends are better left alone. For the most part, you’re going to want to stick to a leather briefcase or even a leather messenger bag. Just be sure that the straps are leather and not canvas, otherwise you’re just carrying a backpack masquerading as a briefcase.

Mismatched shoes and suit

Again, this blunder gets handed to the professional men. Suits are a tough look to pull off, and you need to acknowledge and follow the rules that have been put forth regarding this type of look. One of the most common mistakes of suit wearing men is mismatching their shoes. Let’s be honest, the suit is easy. Often your tailor will supply all of the necessary elements: blazer, vest, shirt, pants, etc, but what about the shoes? This is where things often go awry.

If the color of your shoes doesn’t match your suit, then you’ve just defeated the purpose of wearing a suit in the first place; the purpose of which is to look presentable. When buying shoes, think of the suits that you have at home, and try to pick a color that complements your dress clothes. Black trousers are never acceptable to wear with brown shoes, and vice versa. Black suits should always be paired with black shoes, gray suits can go with either black or camel colored shoes, and brown suits go best with brown or camel colored shoes. Navy suits are a little easier to match up. They go with black, camel, tan or oxblood colored shoes.

There you have it, a few more tips that you should keep in mind while progressing in your personal style journey. Be sure to check Fashion Renegade next week for another round of common fashion blunders that men always seem to make.


Manosh Rey 
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