Top fashion mistakes men make

We’ve all been there. Whether you realize it or not, everybody makes fashion mistakes. Part of the way that we find our true personal style is by making these mistakes, later correcting them, and learning as we go. There are certain things that emerge as trends and should die as trends, but sometimes it’s hard to let them go, or you may not have gotten the memo.

It could be a simple detail that you never learned growing up, and so you’re destined to repeat it over and over until somebody interjects and corrects you. If you’re just learning about style, then reading this article can help you get the basics down. The following are three of the most basic fashion mistakes that men make.

Walking Billboard

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving a certain brand, but unless this company is downright paying you to wear their clothes, a little discretion is required. You want the first thing that people to notice about you to be you, not what brand you’re wearing. You should want to look like the best version of yourself, not a clone of some company’s billboard. If you have to show off a certain brand’s trademark or logo all over yourself, then chances are you’re more concerned with projecting what you think this company’s image or status is, rather than projecting you and your own personal style. Nobody likes a wanna-be.

Running Shoes for Day

This is definitely a common error that men make, but it’s also frequently seen on women. A huge fashion mistake and personal pet peeve is wearing running shoes with jeans. In the grand scheme of things, activewear should never substitute for casual wear. If you’re wearing running shoes with jeans, then you’re not running. You’re probably just going about your day and relying on the pretense that running shoes are more comfortable than other types of shoes. Newsflash, there is such a thing as a casual sneaker, and we suggest you look into a pair. There’s just no excuse to be wearing running shoes except at the gym.

Just Because It Goes On, Doesn’t Mean That It Fits

Fit is integral to personal style. You simply cannot be considered stylish unless you understand the basic rules of fit. Baggy or loose fitting clothing is not flattering, and neither is clothing that is too tight. You’re either going to look like you’re swimming in your clothes or like a sausage in casing. Neither of those is a good look. Even if you have a large build, body-skimming clothing is going to be much more flattering.

Pay attention to anywhere on your body that your clothing seems to pull. This can be recognized by horizontal folds in the fabric. This means that your clothes do not fit at this particular spot, and you may need to go a size up. On the flip side, you should be able to see your body shape through your clothing, not be hidden by it.


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