Apology after student disqualified from pageant for equal marriage hope

A school district in the US has apologised to a student was was pulled off stage and disqualified from a competition for saying he would like to marry another man.

As part of Fullerton High School’s annual light-hearted ‘Mr. Fullerton’ competition, contestants were asked where they saw themselves in ten years.

The Orange Country student in question said he hoped that in a decade’s time marriage would be legal for gay couples and he would meet and marry the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He was then pulled from the competition by an assistant principal for veering away from an agreed script, the Orange County Register reports.

Fullerton Joint Union High School District Superintendent George Giokaris said: “The district has concluded that the matter was not handled appropriately by the assistant principal.

“The district believes that the matter should have been handled privately with the student by the assistant principal.”

Although details of disciplinary action could not be revealed, the assistant principal apologised privately and publicly over the school’s tannoy system after reportedly receiving nearly 200 letters asking “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”.

Currently, there is no access to marriage for gay couples in California. Although the Ninth Circuit Court agreed with an earlier court ruling that the state’s ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional, the decision was stayed pending appeal.


Manosh Rey 
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