You better WORK! models strike a perfect pose at our photoshoot!

What happens when you mix a gaggle of boys, girls, a bottle (or two) of gin, a few cases of beer and a photographer (our very own Tara) at the office?
Answer: Just look at these pretty pictures and you’ll find out!

OK, so when we organised our first photoshoot at our office, we knew it was gonna be fun, but we didn’t just know HOW much fun. The plan was to create some new images for the Facebook page as well as some other cool shots for our site, but in the end it was so much more than that.

As well as getting some great images, we hung out with some of our local community, made some beautiful new friends, and laughed. A LOT. Oh, and turned the office upside down (sorry, colleagues!).

Kate. Cindi. Naomi. Who are they, sweetie darling? Forget those names. Our sexy models worked it for SEVEN long hours; posing, vogueing, kissing, hugging, even – yes – jumping (they’re a talented bunch). Even that betch RuPaul would have been impressed. 🙂

So feast your eyes over our ‘behind the scenes’ pix. The complete collection of images will be appearing on our Facebook page so remember to keep checking back and let us know what you think. Thanks to all our fabulous models for being so gorgeous, patient, and, er, flexible!

PS. Playing Twister when you’re a bit tipsy can get kinda messy…

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You better WORK! models strike a perfect pose at our photoshoot!


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