1,000 vent anger at anti-LGBT rally


1,000 vent anger at anti-LGBT rally
Leven Woon
5:45PM Apr 21, 2012

The Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus in Serdang was turned into a bashing ground for minority sexual preferences when some 1,000 people flooded its sports complex this afternoon to stage a anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rally.

NONEThe rally, organised by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia and joined by several other groups such as the pro-establishment student group Aspirasi Mahasiswa, has singled out several politicians, activists and organisations to bear the brunt of their criticism for supporting free sex and LGBT.

“Reject Free Sex, Reject Bisexual Leader”, “Gay and Bisex, Mad Dog Disease”, “Bar Council Out of Mind”, read some of the banners strung up in the stadium.

The organiser also distributed anti-LGBT flyers and posters slamming national laureate Abdul Samad Said, popularly known as Pak Samad, and Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenavesan for allegedly rallying behind the LGBT movement.

NONEThe event saw a relay of speeches from over 10 pressure group leaders, with some time devoted to the tearing down of posters by fuming youths loudly chanting “Reject Ambiga, Reject LGBT”.

The posters were the same ‘Undi Ambiga, Undi Sek Bebas’ posters which were found pasted all over Taman Tun Dr Ismail two months ago.

Gabungan NGO Malaysia’s Radzi Daud started the bashing session by labelling the LGBT as those “who are insane”.

“Satan is one who creates evil desires in our body. Anyone who is LGBT is one who has had their souls taken by Satan,” he said.

Keris waving 3.0

Alam Warisan president Azam Moktar in his speech blamed the “immigrant ethnicities” for trying to change the social values of Malaysia, that he said belongs to the Malays.

NONEHe also branded the quarters as “trying to set fire in Malaysia” by endorsing the LGBT.

At the climax of his fiery speech Azam, clad in traditional Malay outfit reached for his waistband, saying, “Today I withhold this keris. But if one day I can’t tolerate anymore, I will use the keris against the enemy of this land!” he said to the applauding crowd.

Institute of Innovation Malaysia president Azamudin Hamzah in his turn took a swipe at PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and NGO Sisters in Islam for saying certain Malaysia laws are archaic.

anti-lgbt rally in upm serdangHe said the suggestion for Malaysia to emulate European countries and the United States in accepting the LGBT community is not valid, citing that only six states in the US allows same-sex marriage.

“In the states that allow same-sex marriage (in the US), either the governor is a gay or his daughter is a lesbian,” he claimed.

Azamudin also labelled Malaysian leaders who seek to review the “archaic laws” opportunists who are of a different sexual orientation.

Jews not spared

Meanwhile, JMM president Azwanddin Hamzah dragged the Jews into the ranting session by naming international tycoon George Soros.

NONEAzwanddin (right) claimed Soros had disbursed millions of dollars to NGOs around the world to promote LGBTs, with recipients he said included the local branch of the German cultural foundation Goethe Institute.

He alleged that the institute had financed the annual Seksualiti Merdeka event, and will make a police report on the matter on Monday.

To top it off, he claimed that global Islamic values are under siege as Israel has been embarking on a ‘Pink Washing’ project in Jerusalem since 2005 to “brainwash the youth about free sex”.

The three-hour long event ended with loud chants of “reject Anwar, reject Ambiga” followed by the burning of posters depicting Ambiga and Pak Samad.


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