Easy money is the big draw


Easy money is the big draw
April 20, 2012 – 1:32am
Shaffiq Alkhatib
Joyce Lim

Girls as young as 15 years old have called local escort agencies asking for work.

Agency owner Kurt Tay said: “I receive such calls from underage girls every few months or so and I will tell them that I’m not interested. I don’t want to break the law.”

It is an easy way for them to earn big bucks, said Mr Tay candidly.

“A client can fork out between $200 and $1,000 to spend an hour with any one of my girls.”

A nightclub mamasan said men prefer young women, perceiving them as fresh and safer in terms of contracting diseases. Some men even told her they are willing to risk breaking the law by sleeping with a minor.

Anyone convicted of having paid sex with anyone under 18 can be jailed up to seven years and fined.

Read the full story in The New Paper on Friday (April 20).

Raymond Anthony Fernando · Front office, Public relations at Media Industry
I see 2 main reasons for what is taking place here & causing BIG social problems. (1) Our stress levels are getting dangerpusly high and so sometimes, men , & even women indulge in sexual pleasure to “release” their bottled up stress. (2) Money is also becoming the do all & end all here in our society. We are becoming too materialistic.

Last week, when I went to a major bank, the teller was rubbing medicated oil on her temples. Before my turn came, she had been counting huge sums of money. The teller told me that she was very stressed, was experiencing headaches and that was why she was rubbing the medicated oil on her temples. And that was just the start of the day- 10.30am. I felt sorry for her and cracked a joke that brought on a smile on her face.

The same morning I took a bus to buy breakfast for my wife. I spoke to the driver. He told me that it is terrible to work these days.

The stress level here in Singapore is rising very high. If you read the newspapers, you will find that overcrowding, noise pollution and the high costs of living have led to people losing their tempers easily. Job stability, the economy, rising medical costs have contributed to people feeling insecure and they struggle to exist in an unsteady, unsure world.

A friend of mine told me that every seven years our habits and lifestyle changes. This is true. For example, when you are 7 years old, you may craze about collecting dinky toys or wanting to read comic books. When you reach the age of 14, you may want to start going to discos. At 21, you may became very fashion conscious, wanting to purchase the latest designer shirts, and sporting the latest hairstyles. This 7-year switch affects every one of us.

The recent case of 48 men being charged in court over having sex with a 16-year-old girl is cause for concern. I really feel sad to read that a former Principal had decided to plead guilty. He is married with a ten year –old son. His marriage is bound to be shaky. I hope his wife will forgive him. He has lost his job, his reputation and possibly will lose his friends because when you have fallen by the wayside, how many will stand by you? Likewise, Howard Shaw who just got married last year is also alleged to have gotten involved with the 16-year-old girl.

I have noticed that people who are highly stressed will resort to sexual pleasure- maybe to release the stress that is “bottled” inside of them.

If our stress levels are not properly managed, we will see big social problems coming on-stream.

Raymond Anthony Fernando.
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Tan Wah Gek
see beh hiao! nowadays young or old females see beh hiao cha bor!


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