Germany: Gay golfers to return for eighth annual tournament later this year

Europe’s largest gay and lesbian golf tournament, the German-Rainbow-Open, will return for an eighth year this September.

The tournament outside Schwerin in northern Germany will be played over 2 days, with 18 holes each, one gross and four net classes, with golfers from across Europe and the US competing.

There will be mixed flights (4-ball) on the first day, on the second day the competitors will start in threesomes, men/women separately.

In the style of the Masters, the two winners will be rewarded with a jacket, though the German-Rainbow-Golfers’ is not green, but pink.

This year the participants will play both 18 holes courses at WINSTONgolf: The “WINSTONlinks”, which won silver in the Golfjournal ranking.

The German-Rainbow-Open will also have a beginners golf clinic, so non-golfing attendees will be able to familiarise themselves before the events on 29 and 30 September.

Earlier this year, Germany’s Gay and Lesbian Association criticised a “ridiculous” decision by regional gun clubs, who hold ‘coronation’ ceremonies for their annual competition winners, not to ‘crown’ the male partners of gay ‘kings’. Instead, they voted to force a gay king’s consort to walk behind him at events.


Manosh Rey 
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