Pink News Digest

Thursday 26 April, 2012

Row over legality of Coalition for Marriage presentations in Catholic state schools

A row has erupted over correspondence issued by the Catholic Education Service to nearly 400 Catholic schools in England and Wales which asked them to ‘draw the attention’ of pupils to the Coalition for Marriage’s anti-equality petition, first revealed yesterday. Read more…

Comment: Encouraging pupils to sign the Coalition for Marriage is shocking, repugnant and probably illegal

Richy Thompson of the British Humanist Association says the actions of the Catholic Education Service in asking state-funded schools to draw attention to the Coalition for Marriage may break equality and education laws. Read more…

MP who warned of ‘polygamy and child marriage’ defends anti-marriage equality view

Lincoln’s Conservative MP has defended his views on marriage equality after telling a constituent the move could lead to polygamy and child marriages.Read more…

Shadow foreign minister for human rights speaks out against Ugandan anti-gay bill

The Shadow Foreign Minister for Human Rights, Kerry McCarthy MP, has spoken out against the ongoing persecution of gay, bi and transgender people in Uganda. Read more…

Christian Voice opposition ‘boosts North Wales Mardi Gras ticket sales’

Opposition from homophobic Christian Voice leader Stephen Green has reportedly boosted ticket sales for North Wales’ Mardi Gras this weekend.Read more…

Exclusive: Catholic school ‘urged pupils as young as 11 to sign anti-gay marriage petition’

Students at a Catholic state school in south London have been shown a presentation on religious opposition to the government’s proposal to allow gay couples to marry in civil ceremonies which, it is claimed, encouraged them to sign the Coalition for Marriage’s petition against the move. Read more…

Man jailed for assaulting gay man and biting police officer

A Nottinghamshire man has been jailed after taking part in a homophobic assault and biting a police officer. Read more…

Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong comes out

Anthony Wong, a Hong Kong-based pop star, once well-known as the lead singer of the duo, Tat Ming Pair, has come out as gay in front of thousands of fans during a concert. Read more…

New York: Mayor-hopeful to marry her partner

Christine Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council, will marry her partner of eleven years, Kim Catullo, in a civil ceremony on May 19, it has been announced. Read more…

Fred Karger’s video pulled (briefly) from YouTube

Fred Karger, who hopes to be the party’s first openly gay, Jewish, Republican nominee for the US presidential elections this year, has had his recent campaign video pulled by YouTube, before being reinstated with a warning of ‘explicit content.’Read more…

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