Emma’s Stonewall skydive! This Gays.com member is jumping out of a plane for charity!

We ♥ Gays.com member Emma Gibbons from Brighton in the UK. She’s facing her biggest fear of heights to jump out of plane and do a skydive on 22 July to raise funds for the LGBT charity Stonewall. Amazing! We’ve just donated to Emma’s fundraising campaign at Just Giving, and we hope this interview with her will inspire you to do the same…

Emma! Have you ever done anything to raise money for charity before?
For the past few years I’ve done different things for charity. Two years ago I shaved my head for Sport Relief, and last year I did a bungee jump for the Rockinghorse children’s charity. I’ve recently decided I’m going to do one thing a year that scares me for different charities. I feel I’ve had a good life and I think it’s good karma to give something back 🙂

Emma previously shaved her head to raise money for charity!

Why did you decide to support Stonewall?
The reason I chose Stonewall is because I came out when I was 18, and before that I was just confused and didn’t even know what ‘gay’ really was. Stonewall aim to change the way the world works through education and awareness; they branch out to schools and businesses, not to mention their work abroad. When I came out I had the support of my friends and family which was amazing… unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky, so I want to show my support in any way I can.

One of Stonewall’s most memorable advertising campaigns

You say you’re scared of heights… how the hell are you going to jump out of a plane?! Why did you choose this way to raise money?
I chose to do the jump purely for the fact that I’m scared of heights…. I figured people would pay more to force me ino a situation where I may actually wet myself and cry! The tallest thing I have ever been up before was the crane I was on to do the bungee jump last year… I believe it was 170ft… I will never, EVER be doing that again! 🙂

Why should Gays.com members donate?
I chose this way to raise money because I figure even if people do not donate it promotes the work Stonewall do around the world. Some people do not know how easy they have it; there are over 70 countries in the world where being gay is a criminal offence… seven of which can result in the death sentence.

How much do you need to raise to do the jump? What will happen if you don’t reach the target?
My target to raise is a minimum of £500. However, once the jump and training is covered, the charity only get about £200 of this, so the more I can raise the better! If I don’t raise my target I will be very disappointed because it is such a worthy cause… not reaching my target is not an option!

What kind of training will you need for the jump?
I don’t know what training i will receive or how long the fall will last because i’m genuinely too scared to look up the in’s and outs of it!

If you could jump out of a plane with anyone, who would it be and why? 🙂 Hmmm, I think it would be Superwoman… the reasoning behind this is obvious I reckon!

Do you have any other phobias?
My only other phobia is a fear of birds! I’m hoping they’ll be clever enough to get out of my way though! ♥

To sponsor Emma’s skydive for Stonewall, please visit her Just Giving page. Remember, every little really does help!

For more information on Stonewall’s amazing work, visit its website.

Check out Emma’s Gays.com profile and send your ShoutOut of support!

Post from: Gays.com

Emma’s Stonewall skydive! This Gays.com member is jumping out of a plane for charity!


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