Gay man’s deportation to Cameroon halted

The deportation of a man to Cameroon, who describes himself as gay, has been stopped, the BBC reports, after he refused to board a flight from London to Paris.

Ediage Valerie Ekwadde, 26, came to the UK last November and has since sought asylum, saying his life was at risk in Cameroon on account of his homosexuality. It was around the same time that three gay men were sentenced there for five years, a move condemned by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

However, the UK Border Agency has insisted that it found “no credible evidence” that he was gay. He is thought to be held at the Harmondsworth dentention centre, near Heathrow Airport.

The Air France flight for 06.10 GMT was delayed this morning due to what authorities described as “operational difficulties.” The BBC reports that Mr Ekwadde told the pilot of the aircraft that he would “make a fuss” because his life was in danger.

The UK Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case in July 2010 that two gay men from Cameroon and Iran were entitled to asylum on account of their sexuality.


Manosh Rey 
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