Review your Social Media permission now!

Do you know lots of third-party website have links to your Social Media account? You know those website that allows you to Login using social media account. For example (see below). Pinterest gives you various options to register/login on to their site. Of course, the registration will be simpler if you choose to login using Facebook or Twitter. If you do, Facebook will request for permission to grant Pinterest access to your personal details. 

Login options offered by Pinterest

Sometimes we forget which one we granted access. You can use the below links to revoke the access at will. It also gives you control on which app or website you wanna use. If you go through one by one, you will be shocked how many external websites have access to your social media account. 

My Twitter account external app access

When I went through mine, I found some apps I’ve never used for a long time. Even surprised on those I have no idea I gave access. 

I suggest you to do this check every quarter, set a reminder on your calendar. It’s a good practice. 

Please share your experience! Do you like accessing other websites using Facebook Single Login? 

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