Art of the Devil

It was a lazy Saturday and I was browsing through for movies. I was torn between comedy and horror. For the past weeks I’ve been watching some serious documentaries and movies, so something horror would be nice. Something that could send chill down my spines. I found it and it’s titled Art of the Devil. There are three movies and it was all directed by Tanit Jitnukul. The first one was rather bland, more like revenge of a victim. The theme among all three movies was Black Magic used to cause death and pain. It was shown in rather this-could-happen-to-you cinematography. I was quite disturbed by some of the scenes gory and all. It’s a sign of good movie-making when you can move your audience to another level, which clearly happened to me. Be sure to catch this pyscho-thriller movies, but my suggestions is do not watch it alone. None of the movies are inter-related but only revolves around the black magic theme. Even the famous Nasi Kangkang is shown in the first one.

You can read the wiki here –

Art of the Devil – The Trailer

Art of the Devil 2 – The Trailer

Art of the Devil 3 – The Trailer

If you have watch it, share your experience…


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