Life would be simple …

If everyone got along with each other

If we could love unconditionally one another

If we could help someone in front of us and not update Facebook status instead

If hate is only something we read or see in the movies

If war was against government whom does not support saving mother earth

If we told that person how much love we have lying dormant inside us

If I could take five minutes daily and look around and appreciate the beauty around me.

If I could say thank you and really mean it.

If media stop depicting size 0models and claiming it normal

If I could hug my mother and tell her everything is going to be alright.

If I could help that pigeon that got it legs entangled with thread

If everyone could look at two man kissing and think its just love, and not some damnation

If world don’t end this December but realign itself to equilibrium

If I could close my eyes and go to sleep without all that mental chattering

If I could tear away my passport and travel the world

If banks would stop charging ridiculous interest and giving credits to people who simply cannot pay back

If everything was simple and fabulous

If I could read all the above and shrug and smile and think everything is going to be just fine.



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