How students are using Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Monday arrived with competing priorities again! If I delay few more minutes, I will be late. Taking the bus on a Monday morning is a gruesome experience for me. It’s filled like a sardine can, all rushing somewhere. I had to wait for nearly 15minutes before getting on not-so-empty-bus.

Monday also welcomes lots of student. The moment the bus started moving, almost all of them whip out their smart-phone and started scrolling the screen. Busy updating Facebook & Tweeting. One young Malay boy (maybe 12yrs old) even took a picture and upload somewhere onto cyberspace. These interesting behaviors made me wonder. Especially the way how we communicate.

I remember not so long ago, we had pagers and now everything is squeezed onto a smartphone screen. I found an interesting Inforgraphic that slice and dice what college students are doing on the their smart-phone. It introduces some interesting findings for our contemplation.

What’s your opinion? Do you think it’s helping our younger generation?


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