When to post content on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC)

This is the most challenging part for me managing a range of social media activities day in day out. Furthermore most research and data are based on US, so not sure whether asian behavior differs greatly. Well let me share what I do!!

I use bufferapp to schedule five post everyday for Facebook. The rest will be manual posting. I use the Edgerank Algorithm closely to time and push content up my pages. You can read more here – http://edgerank.net/. But I am careful not to rely everything on Buffer. I like to interact with my audience. Personal greetings like good morning are never scheduled. I am still learning and analysis behaviors of my audience. Content Tips : Interesting Picture always works!

Twitter is more unique. For months I’ve been studying various popular local twitter account. I look out on what they are tweeting about, how frequent? how many was re-tweeted? Followers and engagement. Number seems to be everything. I tend to disagree because you can have 1M but if your audience are not communicating with you, your influence over your network drops drastically. So which is better? a highly engaged audience or a million follower. You need to ask this question before embarking on any social media platform. Please follow me on twitter @gpoovan to find out more on my Social Media adventures, especially Start ups tips and nightmares.

Please study this short infographic, it offers invaluable insights on timing..

How do you schedule your contents now? Please share with us..

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