[INFOGRAPHIC] ROI.. ROI.. ROI.. from Social Media, of course

When read through this infographic, I realized some of the things I should start doing now. Measurement in business is an important key.  Not only to find out how you doing, but also calculating your ROI (return of investment). Compared to offline marketing, social media poses big challenge when you are measuring ROI. Why?


You start a facebook page and through word of mouth and ads you’ve garnered more than 100,000 followers. If you have set a KPI for followers within a specific period of time, you may have achieve it. Moving a bit deeper, you find this 100k followers are not doing anything fantastic to your Pages wall or your business bank balance. You stop and think hard what’s going on, are you doing something wrong.. or people are just lazy. Sometimes I arrive at this same place and revisit it again and again.  It’s not a bad place to be, really. Because you need to be aware what’s happening in your business and marketing initiatives?  I know I’ve not given any straight answer… because there is none. You have to find out what your business trying to achieve and use the guide below to measure it.

Look through this infographic for some answers. I am doing some of it.. but will be implementing more along the way.


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