[CONTEST] How much do you love Singapore?

I came across Chloros Solutions during our last Green Singapore Sale. You must be wondering what they do?  Chloros Solutions is a Green Technology Consultancy and Projects Management firm providing customized Green solutions for homeowners to improve their quality of life and save on utility bills along the way! It’s an one-stop-hub concept seeks to cut down as much hassle as possible for their clients, making going green easy to understand and even easier to implement! Well that’s in a nutshell. You can learn more by visiting their website : http://www.chloros-solutions.com/

Their services will be invaluable to new and existing home-owners wanting to go green and do not know where to start. If you are on Facebook, like them https://www.facebook.com/Chloros.Solutions and get more information around the green topic.

If you are feeling all red and white for National Day, now there is another reason to smile. Chloros Solutions is running a fabulous contest with “How much do you love Singapore” theme. Please see below for details

Good luck to everyone and please help to spread the news!!


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