How to get started with Twitter?

Twitter is not alien to me. I was one of the first people who jumped onto the micro-blogging in its infancy. But unfortunately, was not able to capitalize on my account for building followers and subject matter. Recently I came across three videos that served a guide for any business who want to get on Twitter. It’s created by Steve Schwartz through his Amazing Video channel. Even though the videos are three years old and twitter interface and API have tremendously changed. The basic of getting the best out of Twitter is still the same. Steve has categorized as follows.




If you notice, Tweeting is the last action on the list. Do not jump the gun, as most of us start tweeting like there is no tomorrow.. Thinking someone is listening. Do not make this mistake. Understand your target audience for your objective. Than plan your tweets around it. Good Luck

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2 thoughts on “How to get started with Twitter?

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