Are you really what you eat?

My mother always said “you are what you eat”, she stole that line from Baghavad Gita.  If what she said was true, I should have become caffeinated creature with body parts of various animal. But I believe there is some shred of true-ness in what she said. I will like to echo hers and add Mark Twain’s “Everything in moderation, even moderation”. Over the years, health have been on everyone agenda. Rising cost of medical care everywhere, have pushed people to take responsibility on their health else expect to spend your lifelong savings to pay those hefty medical bills.

Coming back to Food, I’m not going to make absurd suggestions on what you should or shouldn’t eat. Reading some of the tips I get through my email box is funny and amusing at the same time. Come on, how much broccoli or sunflower kernel can one stomach. I follow the 70/30 rule.  My diets consist of 70% vegetables and fruit, the balance is made off everything else. I drink reasonable amount of water daily.

The hospital ward at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru Malaysia
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Nutritionist never includes this one pertinent factor =  communication and interaction. Humans are emotional being, we need constant interaction and touch to lead a happy and healthy life. Recently I visited a cousin who was in the hospital for blocked artery and chronic asthma. He was left alone, because most of our relative stay in different states and requires a long drive to see him (this is in Malaysia). According to the doctor, his condition was getting worst and he might not make it.  During our (almost 10 of us) visit, he started looking all perked up and happy.  His sisters was feeding him and assuring him that he is going to be alright. Within a short span of time, his spirit was lifted tremendously.  This is the power of human connection and touch.  When I left the hospital his body was still  cold, due to slow blood circulation but his spirit and heart was warm and supple. Something told me he is going to be alright.

This theory  is also explored at length in this fantastic article How to Stay Healthy even if you eat junk, smoke ciggies, skip exercise, and booze it up, written by Dr Lisa Rankin

Source : Unknown

What do you think? Are you a cabbage or Big Mac? Share your thought and view on the comment box.

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