Sex! The Bare Naked Truth

guest blogger post. Baajaare (s) – Two like minded and fabulous people taking on the world with their pens (or rather keyboards). Our expressed opinions here are for you to ponder on and take it with a pinch of salt.


“Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the ‘windows of the soul.’ When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experence.” Jim Morrison I love the way Jim and Blake combine the body, the soul and the senses to describe the ultimate sexual experience.

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Having said that nowadays “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” Andy Warhol….people this is proof why porn all forms of media sells…Sex is always more magical on screen or in books…why is that so??? Because the author or the director captures every aspect of the audience or readers senses…hahaha…not so hard to see where I am heading huh…

Yes…how many of us women and men actually tell our partners or people we have sex with “what turns us on?”, “what rocks us to the core?”, “Touch me and I will scream for you” parts…very few of us...Sex at first is very powerful…because you have yearned for this touch with your partner for the first time…so all your senses are hightened but as time goes this high flying feeling slowly starts to fade and gets replaced by routine…thats when sex becomes just boring old “honey, switch of the lights and lets do it under the covers for 10minutes” moments…

Sex is not about the ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath”…its about awakening all the five senses and becoming one…when we want to eat a cake – we look at the cake, smell it, take a lick, than eat it….hahaha…sex is alot similar to eating a piece of cake…we need to enjoy every aspect and use all our senses. How many of us take the time or place the effort to create the scene or the moment for all the senses to be a part of the sexual act? How many of us tell our partners the sexual desires that burns deep down within us because we are afraid that our partners might not share the same pleasures as us?

When I first came out sexually it was ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath’ act but as I got more comfortable with my body as well as my partner’s…I began to explore…it was also the age I guess…my need to explore led me on the path of research…I began to watch porn and read widely on the various sex books out there….I am definitely not an expert in sex…I do not have a little black book or many men under my belt…but sex was a wonderful experience. It is the quality and not the quantity that made my sex life complete. My partner was open to all my exploring ways…it was his age I guess (older man younger woman theory – he will anything to make her happy)….

I could openly tell him what excited me, rocked my boat, made me scream my brains out and he explored it…he opened my senses as I did his (well he said I did so we will go with the flow…or the overflow…hahaha)…but that was the first step…knowing my body and being able to communicate it in the sexual experience to enhance the experience.

We set the scene…everytime it would be a different experience. We picked places or role plays to incorporate into our sexual experience. It was just like in the books or on the big screen…we tried everything…nothing was a taboo…everything was game! Hence the name of the game was “bare naked truth”…we would be eager to satisfy each others fantasy…it made us creative and simulated the hardest part of the body…the mind!

We never rushed the act of sex…we gave it the time and effort…time to talk, time to experiment, time to explore, time to share, time to prolong each touch…Time that people just dont have much anymore to give because hotels & motels charge by the hour…but sex needs time and effort…

Having said that…Sex does not build roads, writes novels and sex certainly does not give any powerful meaning in life so no need to be obsessed about it…It is simply emotions in motion (hard core motion) and to enhance it we need to include all the senses and bring more to the table…creating moments that we are happy in and enjoy, if the enjoyment is a full experience it worth remembering that sexual act that much more special

For me sex is a special experience – it must evoke my senses, simulate my mind, explore my limits, make my knees weak and make me scream the roof down….I have had it happen time and time again…I know what rocks my body to the core…but the question is do you??? 🙂

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