Social Media – Taking it beyond online

There is a misconception that Social Media only exist within the wall of Facebook or timeline of Twitter. It’s not true. The core essence of Social Media is people. Where are they? Yes we know 900million of them are on Facebook. But they are also having coffee in Starbucks, reading a book in the park, getting ready to board a plane, browsing the aisles in a supermarket or just staring out to the moon? So how can you enhance their experience? How can you make their day? So they will remember you the Brand, the Social Brand. One company has took it out to the boarding lounge. This video was shared during a course I recently attended. I was blown away on the nature and surprise, can a huge corporate make a significant difference in my daily life. But Beware: Planning is the key!

Uploaded by  on Dec 8, 2010

In the past weeks we have been committing little acts of kindness because we wanted to discover how happiness spreads. Have a look to see what happened..

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