Samarpana – Ramli Ibrahim & The Sutra Troupe

Samarpana – is an annual arts festival to showcase the unique Asian classical dance forms. It’s a three day not-for-profit event held in the month of September-October. I was lucky enough to catch one of the performance of Ramli Ibrahim and the energetic Sutra dancers. The Asian Festival of Classical Dance made it’s debut this year, 14 – 16 September at the NUS Theatre. The show brought together big names in the local and international performance arts circuit. Produced by Gayatri Sriram who runs the Shruti Laya School of Dance in Singapore. Other highlights included Priyadarshini Govind, TM Krishna, Sardono Kusumo and Ananya Chatterjea.

VISION OF FOREVER (ODISSI) – A glimpse of reality in it’s terrifying beauty

Ramli Ibrahim
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The Sutra Dance Theatre is Malaysia’s international dance company that has captivated and enthralled audiences all over the world. Sutra makes an excellent One-Malaysia cultural ambassador, not just for their role in transcending racial and cultural barriers, but for convincing audience that the Arts, eventually, finds its own level.

Trained in classical ballet, modern dance and Indian classical dance, Ramli is acclaimed as a pioneer dancer and choreographer of international standing in the major fields of dance that he has mastered – Bharatanatyam, Odissi as well as Contemporary Dance. He was recently officially  declared part of Malaysia’s national heritage.

As a teacher of Bharata Natyam and Odissi, he has groomed some of the finest dancers to have emerged from Malaysia and at the same time placed Indian classical dance in the context of the Malaysian experience. He has created more than 40 original dance repertoires in the traditional and contemporary idioms.

Vision of Forever is Sutra’s Odissi offering following their highly acclaimed Spellbound. Vision of Forever, received tremendous reception at its Malaysian premier in April 2010 at the prestigious Istana Budaya (National Theatre).

Performed by the talented and the disciplined Sutra dancers, lit in a spectacular multi-media presentation by award-winning Sivarajah Natarajan, Vision of Forever is a visual feat of the highest caliber that is able to reach out to both the young and the most seasoned of the audiences.

Vision of Forever excellently exemplifies works of the late Odissi pioneer Guru Deba Prasad Das. Vision of Forever unleashes powerful images from the Shaivite and Tantric traditions, bringing out the macabre and terrifying beauty associated with the repertoire of Ramli’s late dance guru. The work centers on the spiritual awakenings of an acolyte who eventually encounters the vision of glory of the universal spirit through dance.

Ramli Ibrahim has invested this presentation with his inimitable style, rearranging the works in compelling group compositions.
Sutra’s major principal dancers such as Rathimalar, Sivagamavalli, Tan Mei Mei, Michelle Chang, Divya Nair, and the award-winning Guna will be featured in this production.


Samarpana aims to showcase the present and the future of these art forms.
Getting ready for the performance
at University Cultural Centre, NUS Kent Ridge Crescent
Image Credit : 500px/GoldPoovan
Finale of Vision for Forever
Image Credit : 500px/GoldPoovan

Lalitha and Harini (in all white ensemble)
Lalitha & Poovan all dressed best
NUS University Culcutral Centre, Kent Ridge Crescent – Singapore

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