Gardenia – childhood memories

Growing in Malaysia in the 80s brought in lots of American invention to the isles of our supermarket. One such product was bread. My mother strongly upholds a good breakfast is essential before embarking in work or study. My home was never without a loaf of bread. My earliest recollection is the Sunshine bread, packed in wax paper, sometimes filled with riddles and stories. This always opens up interesting conversation at dining table. My mother has unparalleled skill in wrapping, which she owes to working part time at the Sunshine bakeries in early seventies.

Then came Gardenia with its fluffy white bread. It’s tagline “it’s so good, you can eat it on it owns” became household mantra. Through the years more variety of food and pastries were added on the production line. Some of my favorites includes Twiggies and Cinnamon Waffle.

I recently read, public can visit their factories in Malaysia and Singapore a guided tour. I’ve yet to go on one, but when I do please expect an elaborate blog post.

If gardenia formed your childhood. Please share your experience with us.

Read more about the history of the company.

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In 1969, an American named Horatio Sye Slocumm was sent by International Executive Service Corporation (IESC) to East Malaysia to start a bakery. Mr. Slocumm brought with him 35 years of baking experience with one of America’s leading chain of bakeries. Gardenia was born.

Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd rolled the first loaf of bread off its line in 1986. Within four short years, it became the bread market leader with an astounding 99 percent brand recall rate and 80 percent top-of-mind recall.

Gardenia’s range of products grew and evolved through the years, becoming better and better with each step. Leveraging on its brand strength, Gardenia now produces a variety of baked products to satisfy consumers’ demands.




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