Mother Mary sightings at Sime Darby Medical Centre – A miracle

I took the below photographs on 10 November. My sister is a nurse at this medical centre. After picking me up from the bus station, she drove my mother and I to the medical center for us to see it with our own eyes. By the time we got there, lots of people gathered around to take photographs. Some even said little prayers. My sister filled me in with the inside scoop. The image appeared around five days ago after a heavy rain. At first no one could make out what it was. She and her friends went up to the floor where the window is located. Upon closer inspection they found the image is only visible from outside.

I’m not wise enough to draw a meaning out of this sighting. I leave it to you to come with your own interpretation. Let’s all pray for a fabulous year ahead, filled with happiness and laughter.

Updates :

The window panel will be moved to a church in Klang –

Mention on theStar –


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