At the movies with Presh – English Vinglish

Image credit : Wikipedia

English Vinglish – Plot: A housewife faces critism, insult & disrespect from her own family due to her inability to communicate in English. A golden opportunity arived at her door step when she’s to travel to New York for a wedding preparation. She enrolled herself in a short course & worked hard in improving her language. How she was able to toss btwn d classes & wedding preparations & finally earning d respect she aspired for, tells d remaining story. D movie started slow, slow-paced throughout, but it belonged to such genre. There were many little moments which worked, that puts an instant smile on ur face. D classroom; each 1 of them was lovely. Sridevi came back to silver screen after 15 years; guess she waited for this role. I cant imagine any other actress to play it with such conviction. She lived d role! Her body language, expressions as d frustrated & determined housewife were fantastic. D sequence whr she had difficulty ordering food at cafe was outstanding, her speech at d wedding reception was d highlight – ‘Family members support each other & do not laugh at ur weaknesses’. Read an article on Sridevi in Stardust Oct 2012 – Return Of D Goddess. Well, d goddess has truly arrived. A fabulous attempt, a great film guys!

Some fabulous photos from the Return of Goddess Photo shoot –


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