At the movies with Presh – Life of Pi

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Life of Pi – Plot: Tells d journey of a young Indian boy from his growing up years – his culture, d animals he grew up with, his struggle for answers on his beliefs, his first love till d disastrous journey across d Pacific Ocean where he lost all he had. How he forms a beautiful relationship with a Bengal Tiger in their fight for survival & d unimaginable adventure they share, tells d remaining story. It’s a fantastic cinematography & visual treat throughout – from d locales in India, d ocean (calm & rough) to d island they found. Tends to get slow-paced at times, but each wait was treated with a visual extravaganza. Suraj Sharma was superb in portraying various emotions; he was cute, vulnerable, yet strong. D message of d entire journey was enlightened in a simple question – ‘Which 1 do u prefer?’, a point which relates to my favourite quote – Life is full of options! Was a great watch for me, but somehow I think d film is highly overrated.



Thanks Presh on your review. For those interested to find out more about the movie, please follow here

Have you watch the movie? What’s your take?


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