Extend your weekend in 2013

Shopping at Harrods
Shopping at Harrods

We all love our weekend. The longer the better some may say. In Singapore going way for a short weekend getaway is a pleasure for many. Due to the strategic location and ease of travel in Singapore, anyone can plan a nice break away from our garden city. We can start with a pleasant trip to JB across the causeway or even shopping at Bangkok with a short flight. These are possible with any budget and intention. All you got to do is plan. Yes you heard it right, plan way ahead. It’s better because you can get good rate with air tickets and hotel if you book early. I always plan my travels ahead, sometimes six months ahead.

To assist you in the momentous task, I decided to share with you the long weekend guide. You must be wondering why! You can use this to plot your holiday plans. It’ll cover when you need take that extra annual leave to make the weekend even longer and satisfying.

2013 Long Weekend Guide
2013 Long Weekend Guide

Do share with us your tip as well! Happy Holiday planning!


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