SOCIAL MEDIA – Let’s go to Twitter Land [infographic]

Twitter – the world of micro-blogging that changed the way how we communicate using 140 characters. Whether you use it for personal or business, Twitter is one social media tool you cannot ignore or avoid. The 465 million strong users will vouch this for you.  If you are already using it, please share your experience with me.

What do you use it for you?

How do you use?

Do you have an objective?

Read this post to get started, if you are still a bit shy –

Note & Tips:

  • The 19.5Millions in Indonesia is a big opportunity for businesses to market their product/services.
  • Follow tweets/people from your industry
  • Join in Twitter Chat that’s relevant to you or your business. See this Twitter Chat Schedule for more info
  • Please DO NOT start if you do not have a plan. An abandoned Social Media account is bad your business

Now let’s look at the infographic.

How Big Twitter Is In 2012 Infographic

Would you like to brand your business or yourself successfully on Social Media? I can help.  Please contact me at +65 9792 3379 or email for a FREE no obligation discussion.


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