Even the Pope is Tweeting!

When I first heard Pope Benedict XVI is going to start tweeting , I was very curious and excited at the same time.  He is the one of the most influential religious leader in the world. The importance of Social Media is evident, especially it’s ability to reach the masses and transcend influence.  He did not just stop at tweeting but also took part in answering some questions from his followers. He responded to seven question over seven hours. Everything was planned and executed beautifully.

These accounts were launched about 11 days ago. Twitter confirmed it through their blog, His Holiness received ten of thousands of questions using hashtag – #AskPontifex , I’ve picked out some interesting ones to share with you!

Deep question from – JamesMartinSJ

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A message to the naughty ones – MichaelDuffy

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Someone who cares about LGBT issues – JBinSFO

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A random question – antprompts

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Now let’s look at his Holiness account, yes he has more than ONE MILLION followers and the number is growing.

Follow the Pope - http://twitter.com/Pontifex
Follow the Pope – http://twitter.com/Pontifex

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict

Some tips for you to take away

  • I love the cover photo, it immediately makes a statement
  • The twitter handle is short and easily recognizable
  • The description is concise/straight to the point
  • Cover page is looking very vibrant with the use of bright sunny colors
  • Even the Tweets were short and easy to read

You can easily use these tips to open a new account or refresh your old one. It’s all about establishing yourself apart from the rest. Create that online charisma and you are half way there. You don’t have to be famous to get a Million followers. My advice is not to get intimidated but start from small and work your way up. You can do it.

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If you encounter any problems, please leave a comment here or send me a tweet – https://twitter.com/gpoovan or using hashtag #AskPoovan


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