At the movies with Presh – Kumki

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Kumki (tamil) – A trained elephant used to chase wild elephants back to forest to avoid destruction of crops, is called Kumki. Plot: A pet elephant, Manickam, is brought to a village deep in d mountains as replacement of a Kumki. D master of Manickam & d protagonist, Bomman, fell in love with d village leader’s daughter, Alli, at d very 1st sight. He then decided to train Manickam as Kumki to prolong his teams’ stay in d village to win her heart; he knew its a risky decision. Their love bloomed despite d village’s strict principles. Meanwhile, d villagers instilled thrust in Bomman & his team as protecters. How Bomman & Alli were forced to sacrifice their love, what happened when a wild elephant attacked d village tells d remaining story. I picked up every mistake by d protagonist which concluded a tragic end; he was completely blindfolded by love that he was unaware of d consequences by even his tiniest decisions; he was selfish, to which he paid with d lifes of dear ones. Good performances, Thambi Ramaiah has fantastic comic timing. Shot in deep forest, d backdrop was stunning, just like d directors previous film, Mynaa. Images at d waterfall were majestic! Excellent camera work. Great music, in sync with d mood of d film throught. An enjoyable film with a mix of emotion. Recommended!


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