At the movies with Presh – Kumki

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Kumki (tamil) – A trained elephant used to chase wild elephants back to forest to avoid destruction of crops, is called Kumki. Plot: A pet elephant, Manickam, is brought to a village deep in d mountains as replacement of a Kumki. D master of Manickam & d protagonist, Bomman, fell in love with d village leader’s daughter, Alli, at d very 1st sight. He then decided to train Manickam as Kumki to prolong his teams’ stay in d village to win her heart; he knew its a risky decision. Their love bloomed despite d village’s strict principles. Meanwhile, d villagers instilled thrust in Bomman & his team as protecters. How Bomman & Alli were forced to sacrifice their love, what happened when a wild elephant attacked d village tells d remaining story. I picked up every mistake by d protagonist which concluded a tragic end; he was completely blindfolded by love that he was unaware of d consequences by even his tiniest decisions; he was selfish, to which he paid with d lifes of dear ones. Good performances, Thambi Ramaiah has fantastic comic timing. Shot in deep forest, d backdrop was stunning, just like d directors previous film, Mynaa. Images at d waterfall were majestic! Excellent camera work. Great music, in sync with d mood of d film throught. An enjoyable film with a mix of emotion. Recommended!


At the movies with Presh – Rise of the Guardians

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Rise of The Guardians – Boogeyman decided he wanna have some fun, he declare war against d Guardians. D Moonman appointed a new guardian to fight over evil. Hence, its Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman & Jack Frost against Boogeyman. Good triumphs over evil. Boogeyman was smart to use fear & different tactics to defeat d Guardians in d beginning. However, childrens’ faith in magic kept d guardians strong till d final battle. D characters were amazingly represented.. u fell in love with them instantly. It was great to watch a movie on magic & faith; I’m beggining to feel d joy of d festive season now 🙂 Hohoho!

At the movies with Presh – Taalash

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Talaash (hindi) – A suspense thriller it is.. D trailer portrayed d film as a cop drama. Yes.. d protagonist is a cop, but what he finds in d end isnt evidence material nor logical explanation; its an emotional experience which answers his questions. Aamir Khan was at his usual best, playing a cop investigating a mysterious accident, which trails back to a series of crime. Rani Mukherjee was superb as d frustrated yet hopeful wife, trying to mend their relationship, after loosing their son. Kareena Kapoor as d street walker, with a charm. Both d ladies were outstanding, d characters demanded such calibre. Kareena’s body language, dialogue delivery, screen presence were AMAZING! I shouldnt enclose d suspense here. Expect d unexpected… I was caught unaware when d truth unfolds. Get spooky guys…

How PI spends his life at sea [INFOGRAPHIC]

Found this interesting Infographic of the movie!!  Enjoy..

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At the movies with Presh – Life of Pi

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Life of Pi – Plot: Tells d journey of a young Indian boy from his growing up years – his culture, d animals he grew up with, his struggle for answers on his beliefs, his first love till d disastrous journey across d Pacific Ocean where he lost all he had. How he forms a beautiful relationship with a Bengal Tiger in their fight for survival & d unimaginable adventure they share, tells d remaining story. It’s a fantastic cinematography & visual treat throughout – from d locales in India, d ocean (calm & rough) to d island they found. Tends to get slow-paced at times, but each wait was treated with a visual extravaganza. Suraj Sharma was superb in portraying various emotions; he was cute, vulnerable, yet strong. D message of d entire journey was enlightened in a simple question – ‘Which 1 do u prefer?’, a point which relates to my favourite quote – Life is full of options! Was a great watch for me, but somehow I think d film is highly overrated.



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At the movies with Presh – English Vinglish

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English Vinglish – Plot: A housewife faces critism, insult & disrespect from her own family due to her inability to communicate in English. A golden opportunity arived at her door step when she’s to travel to New York for a wedding preparation. She enrolled herself in a short course & worked hard in improving her language. How she was able to toss btwn d classes & wedding preparations & finally earning d respect she aspired for, tells d remaining story. D movie started slow, slow-paced throughout, but it belonged to such genre. There were many little moments which worked, that puts an instant smile on ur face. D classroom; each 1 of them was lovely. Sridevi came back to silver screen after 15 years; guess she waited for this role. I cant imagine any other actress to play it with such conviction. She lived d role! Her body language, expressions as d frustrated & determined housewife were fantastic. D sequence whr she had difficulty ordering food at cafe was outstanding, her speech at d wedding reception was d highlight – ‘Family members support each other & do not laugh at ur weaknesses’. Read an article on Sridevi in Stardust Oct 2012 – Return Of D Goddess. Well, d goddess has truly arrived. A fabulous attempt, a great film guys!

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At the movies with Presh – Sinister

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Sinister – Plot: A true crime novelist moves into a house where d previous tenants were murdered, in an attempt to write & solve d mystery. He found Super 8 footages of d murder & other similar murders; trying to find d connections & eventually d murderer. Strange things begin happening in d house thereafter. As he searched deeper, he come to know abt an ancient demon that lived in images. There were some horrific moments with unpredictable appearances & scary background scores. Mostly shot in d dark, it creates d perfect mood for d film. I was in d cinema half wet (got caught in rain on d way), shivering throughout d film, watching with my ears closed! A good watch… Get spooked guys!