Sunday Full English Breakfast

If you are planning to cook something special, why not try preparing Full English breakfast for your family and friends. The origin of full English Breakfast is still unclear. It started in rural England a long long time ago as a sustaining meal for workers. It’s commonly served during breakfast, but sometimes people have it during lunch or brunch. It’s quite popular at bed and breakfast in England. In bigger cities, you may come across restaurants and boutique cafes serving All Day Full English Breakfast.

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes localThough a ‚ÄėFull Breakfast‚Äô is universally known and understood other terms used include – A Fry Up, A Full Monty, and in Ireland it is sometimes known as a Chub. I’ve once had a fantastic Full English Breakfast with a large cup of cappuccino and large glass of bloody mary. It was an eventful morning ūüôā

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes Singapore

According to HungryGoWhere.Com below is the list of 5 Best All Day Breakfast joints in Singapore.

  1. Wild Honey – They have two locations one at Mandarin Gallery and the other at Scott Square. Their full English breakfast is the star here. My close friends are raving about it. I’ve set a date next week to visit Wild Honey and sample it myself.
  2. Arbite – Their Serangoon locations comes with special breakfast menu. Work hard and Live well motto fits well in this age of work-life balance quest.
  3. Food for Thought – I first visited their Queen Street branch. It’s very unpretentious and very white. Check out their menu beforehand, so you don’t have to waste time browsing menu at the restaurant.
  4. Egg & Berries – another joint promising awesome all day breakfast with Egg Benedict as the highlight.
  5. Cedele – I love fabulous tag lines, cedele’s is my favourite. Eat Well * Be Well. After trying the Breakfast, do order a slice of the Red Velvet cake you won’t regret it.

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes tasty

What’s in a Full¬†English¬†Breakfast:

  1. Bacon – usually back bacon fried in it’s own fat or just line them on a baking tray and grill them inside a oven for few minutes until crispy
  2. Poached or Fried Eggs – I like them scrambled. Make sure you add good quality fresh milk in your egg.
  3. Tomatoes – Trick here is to slice the tomato from the side instead of the middle from the core. That way the seeds stays intact. Easy for grilling or pan fry.
  4. Mushroom – my favourite vegetable. I like fresh white button mushrooms for breakfast, but any kind should be good. Look for meaty ones. Shitake can be a bit overpowering though. If you are fan of Portobello add some goat cheese to enhance it’s flavor.
  5. Bread – Sour Dough with thick crust would be fantastic or you can use your regular bread. Wholemeal Gardenia is good as well. Don’t forget to toast it.
  6. Baked beans – get Heinz and forget the rest. While you’re there grab Heinz Ketchup, you will need it later.
  7. Sausage – this is a tricky choice. I prefer gourmet sausages. You can buy them over counter in a good supermarket. The kind where you need to weigh first. Trust me you will enjoy great taste later. If you feeling like going posh, head down to Pan Pacific Singapore’ Atrium Deli and grab yourself some sausages or look them at Market Place supermarket.
  8. I’ve left out Black Pudding, go explore and discover it on your own

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes

There you have it, all you ever need to know how to cook up a perfect Full English Breakfast. I did not include a full recipe because it’s way too easy to do except for the scrambled egg. Cook up a storm and share with me your success.

Happy Sunday


Which is your favourite pie? [INFOGRAPHICS]

If turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner, then pie is most certainly the encore. America’s love affair with this golden-crusted treat has been well-documented in pop culture; in fact, a 2012 survey by NPR examined pie preferences and determined that, indeed, there is nothing more American than apple pie. Take a look to see which other pies Americans will leave room for on turkey day.

Memory lane walk – Petaling Street Part One

Petaling Street the China Town is a bustling part of Kuala Lumpur day and night. Affectionately known as PS boutique among locals.¬†It is infamous for pirated clothes and accessories along with bootleg DVDs and CDs. Recently Petaling Street went through a facelift and I’m quite ¬†happy it has not lost it’s old world charm.

Historical Background via

The original Chinese Town centred on Market Square. As the population grew, expansion was constrained by swamps, hills and the river. High Street, now known as Jalan Tun HS Lee, became increasingly popular, as it was higher than the rest of the town and therefore less prone to floods.

KL was a typical “pioneer” town at the turn of the century, filled with a rough and tough population that was largely male. For entertainment, there was Chinese wayang (opera) or bangsawan (Malay theatre).

The Chinese leaders provided for the community through associations, benevolent societies, temples and foundations. The wealthier and more ornate shophouses were built north of Jalan Cheng Lock, closer to the business centre.

The best time to visit is at night. It’s a street that does not sleep quite well. But that’s part of the fun, the bustling noise and crowd. Pushing your way into the crowd to a nice bargain gives you a unique experience.

Eyeing for the latest from CK or Spiderman movie T-shirt, PS is the place to start looking. Did I mention, imitation is the greatest flattery.

You’ll be spoilt for choice, handbags, luggages, sunglasses, cloths and food..

Reminders :

Day or Night, be vigilant and take extra care with your belongings.

As a rule of thumb, do not pay the first offer price. Haggle a bit until you get a bottom price. If you are not into haggling, my suggestion is just watch and don’t buy. You can still savour all the local food offerings.


To be continued… What’s your earliest memory of PS boutique?

Roti Canai or Roti Prata

If you are from Malaysia or Singapore, then Roti Canai (in Malaysia) or Roti Prata (in Singapore) will be one of your weekly breakfast or supper must haves. Downing a crispy Roti Prata with thick Dhal Curry and small sips of Ginger Teh Tarik is heavenly. Since I’ve lived on both sides of causeway, it’s hard to point which is the best. Through the times I’ve unearth some jems ie. restaurants or hawkers who takes great pride in creating the best kind and/or varieties to tickle any taste buds. Below are some of my favourites :-

Mr Prata 
26 Evans Road
Tel: +65 6235 6993
Open 24 Hours
Read this brief review
I get my breakfast from here, almost every Saturday morning. You can give them a ring and they will prepare everything for you. I would avoid ordering drinks like Teh C or Tarik, they always get it wrong. It’s all depends who is making them.

The Prata place  
No.1, Thong Soon Avenue
Singapore- 787431
Review –¬†

Bakti Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant 
55 Leboh Ampang
50100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel 03-2034-2399
I found this restaurant while I was Diwali shopping with a friend. The vegetable Kurma is clearly a winner and best combination, even my mother approved it. I packed some for her on the way back.

I will try to add more to this list, if you come across any please leave a comment

Roti Canai from Bakti Woodlands Restaurant, Lebuh Ampang KL

No matter what’s the name, these little crispy pancakes has a special place in our local culinary map. My mother have been making Roti Canai at home for as long as I can remember. So I thought it’ll be interesting to share a nice and simple recipe for you folks to try at home. If you have a free Sunday and you got absolutely nothing to do, why not try making Roti Prata at home. Here’s the recipe…

To make around 6 to 8 pieces
You will need a cup of wheat flour, half a cup of water, 1 egg, 3 tablespoon of milk or condensed milk, some salt to taste, some butter and some extra flour for rolling later.

Combine all the wet ingredient and mix well. Slowly pour the mixture into your flour and keep stirring. When the mixture is a bit sticky, it’s time to get your hands into it and start kneading. If the mixture is too wet, add some flour to balance it. Now remove the mixture and set on a flat surface. My mother usually use a ¬†marble lazy-susan as a platform. Keep kneading the mixture until smooth and non sticky. Please let the mixture to rest in between the kneading process. The more you knead, the softer the Roti Prata will be, later.

Make equal size balls and set aside. When it’s time to eat, place the ball on a flat surface. Gently press the dough outwards with your finger. You will end up with a thin piece of stretched dough sheet. Now fold in the dough sheet from all four sides to form a square. Please use oil or butter to help relax the dough and making it easier for you to work with it. Now gently press the dough with your fingers into a nice round shape and it’s ready for frying.

Pre heat a pan or skillet (heavier is better), and drench it with some cooking oil. Do not use butter, because of low burning point. Place the prate in the skillet and cook each side for 3 to 4 minutes or until it’s crispy and golden brown. Served with some home made dhal curry or just sugar. I’m happy with just Teh Tarik. It’s perfect for me to dunk.

I hope you will try it, good luck!

Please share your Roti Prata adventure with me..

How to eat a cup cake?

When I found out Au Chocolat Singapore created a new cupcake with Salted Caramel, I was excited and happy. It took me few days before I got my hands on one of this fabulous creation. For those following this blog, you must have known my¬†obsession¬†with Salted Caramel, read my review on Starbucks Salted Caramel beverage –¬†

The day arrived for me to sample the Salted Caramel Cupcake. Au Chocolat  is a made-in-Singapore French-inspired concept store with a bistro dining area and a retail confiserie with a wide selection of chocolate and candy. Inspired by French antiquated streets that instills a sense of nostalgia with its calm and sophisticated ambiance. I did not waste any time, but I had my camera handy. I wanted to capture every moment of it, and share it with all of you. Have fun! I can see some of you drooling already.

Au Chocolat Pte Ltd.
Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Bistro T +65 6688 7227
F +65 6688 7266
Confiserie T +65 6688 7557
F +65 6688 7255