Memory lane walk – Petaling Street Part One

Petaling Street the China Town is a bustling part of Kuala Lumpur day and night. Affectionately known as PS boutique among locals.¬†It is infamous for pirated clothes and accessories along with bootleg DVDs and CDs. Recently Petaling Street went through a facelift and I’m quite ¬†happy it has not lost it’s old world charm.

Historical Background via

The original Chinese Town centred on Market Square. As the population grew, expansion was constrained by swamps, hills and the river. High Street, now known as Jalan Tun HS Lee, became increasingly popular, as it was higher than the rest of the town and therefore less prone to floods.

KL was a typical “pioneer” town at the turn of the century, filled with a rough and tough population that was largely male. For entertainment, there was Chinese wayang (opera) or bangsawan (Malay theatre).

The Chinese leaders provided for the community through associations, benevolent societies, temples and foundations. The wealthier and more ornate shophouses were built north of Jalan Cheng Lock, closer to the business centre.

The best time to visit is at night. It’s a street that does not sleep quite well. But that’s part of the fun, the bustling noise and crowd. Pushing your way into the crowd to a nice bargain gives you a unique experience.

Eyeing for the latest from CK or Spiderman movie T-shirt, PS is the place to start looking. Did I mention, imitation is the greatest flattery.

You’ll be spoilt for choice, handbags, luggages, sunglasses, cloths and food..

Reminders :

Day or Night, be vigilant and take extra care with your belongings.

As a rule of thumb, do not pay the first offer price. Haggle a bit until you get a bottom price. If you are not into haggling, my suggestion is just watch and don’t buy. You can still savour all the local food offerings.


To be continued… What’s your earliest memory of PS boutique?


Mother Mary sightings at Sime Darby Medical Centre – A miracle

I took the below photographs on 10 November. My sister is a nurse at this medical centre. After picking me up from the bus station, she drove my mother and I to the medical center for us to see it with our own eyes. By the time we got there, lots of people gathered around to take photographs. Some even said little prayers. My sister filled me in with the inside scoop. The image appeared around five days ago after a heavy rain. At first no one could make out what it was. She and her friends went up to the floor where the window is located. Upon closer inspection they found the image is only visible from outside.

I’m not wise enough to draw a meaning out of this sighting. I leave it to you to come with your own interpretation. Let’s all pray for a fabulous year ahead, filled with happiness and laughter.

Updates :

The window panel will be moved to a church in Klang –¬†

Mention on theStar –¬†

Best Instagram – October 20120

Let me share the best shots from Instagram. I lost my iPhone twos Saturdays ago. Now using an android phone, which is strange and exciting at the same time. Please leave some comments. Share your Instagram user name with me. Mine is gpoovan if you are motivated to look me up!

little India ready for Diwali
Life is full of wheel barrow
Lotus Flower. divine and pink
Flower upside down
Ion Orchard different angle
Heavy downpour
Would you stop smokin now!
Spooky Halloween pumpkin
Orange flower. beautiful
Friendly chat over lunch

Happy viewing.

Spirit of Christmas Photo #contest

Let me invite you to join our fabulous Christmas photo contest and win Takashimaya Vouchers.

What you need to do
1. Snap a photo with a Christmas theme/spirit, be creative
2. Email me the photo at with your name and mobile no, closing date 7 Nov 2012.

3. All photos will be uploaded onto our Facebook Page
4. Tag yourself and invite all your friend to like the photo
5. Three lucky winners will be announced on 15 Dec 2012
6. Please like and share this post to get startedWhat you can win.
First Prize : SGD50 Takashimiya Vouchers + two tickets to Gardens By The Bay + Mystery Gift
Second Prize : SSG20 Takashimiya Vouchers + Mystery Gift
Third Prize : SGD10 Takashimiya Voucher+ Mystery Gift

Good luck!

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