Giveaway something for free in 2013 (Infographic)

Image credit  - 4imprint
Image credit – 4imprint

If you have finished drafting your marketing plans for 2013, make sure you slot it some promotional merchandise. Research shows consumers who received some free stuffs are more likely to do business with you. Google corporate gifts and you will get lots of company’s information. Remember there is usually a minimum order quantity. So make sure ask for a quote and give some allowance for some budget for them. The more you order the cheaper it gets. If you come from large organization, look up for quote. Here you may need to order in thousands but you will find the price is ridiculously cheap. The key factor her is to find something novel and useful. This will motivate your customer to use it therefore they will keep it. This should be your objective.

Some popular promotional merchandize:

  1. Tissue packets – very popular in Singapore
  2. Pens << these are really popular
  3. Post it notes
  4. Reusable Eco bags, you can print your companies logo and addresses
  5. Pen-drive/ USB drive
  6. Key holders
  7. Fridge magnet with calendar
  8. Calendar
  9. Shatter proof mugs
  10. Highlighters

Let me share some ideas on how to use them effectively:

  1. Goodies bags – throw in some of your product brochures, pens and post it notes inside a Eco bag
  2. Mail out calendars to all existing customers
  3. Print a calendar at the back of business card, so people will find a use for it
  4. USB Drives makes a great door gift
  5. Run free giveaways on your Facebook page
  6. Include a promo/discount code with your promotional gifts, this gives your customer an incentive to initiate a business relationship with you

Some reminders

  1. Do not offer a gimmick, be honest and open.
  2. Always evaluate your response rate
  3. If you are selling cakes don’t giveaway an iPad. Find some relevancy

Let me wish you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!


Even the Pope is Tweeting!

When I first heard¬†Pope Benedict XVI¬†is going to start tweeting , I was very curious and excited at the same time.¬†¬†He is the one of the most influential religious leader in the world. The importance of Social Media is evident, especially it’s ability to reach the masses and transcend influence. ¬†He did not just stop at tweeting but also took part in answering some questions from his followers. He responded to seven question over seven hours. Everything was planned and executed beautifully.

These accounts were launched about 11 days ago. Twitter confirmed it through their¬†blog,¬†His Holiness received ten of thousands of questions using hashtag –¬†#AskPontifex¬†,¬†I’ve picked out some interesting ones to share with you!

Deep question from –¬†JamesMartinSJ

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A message to the naughty ones –¬†MichaelDuffy

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Someone who cares about LGBT issues –¬†JBinSFO

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A random question –¬†antprompts

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Now let’s look at his¬†Holiness¬†account, yes he has more than ONE MILLION followers and the number is growing.

Follow the Pope -
Follow the Pope –

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict

Some tips for you to take away

  • I love the cover photo, it immediately makes a statement
  • The twitter handle is short and easily¬†recognizable
  • The description is¬†concise/straight to the point
  • Cover page is looking very vibrant with the use of bright sunny colors
  • Even the Tweets were short and easy to read

You can easily use these tips to open a new account or refresh your old one. It’s all about establishing yourself apart from the rest. Create that online charisma and you are half way there. You don’t have to be famous to get a Million followers. My advice is not to get intimidated but start from small and work your way up. You can do it.

You can also read my other posts about Twitter

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If you encounter any problems, please leave a comment here or send me a tweet –¬†¬†or using hashtag #AskPoovan

SOCIAL MEDIA – Let’s go to Twitter Land [infographic]

Twitter Рthe world of micro-blogging that changed the way how we communicate using 140 characters. Whether you use it for personal or business, Twitter is one social media tool you cannot ignore or avoid. The 465 million strong users will vouch this for you.  If you are already using it, please share your experience with me.

What do you use it for you?

How do you use?

Do you have an objective?

Read this post to get started, if you are still a bit shy –¬†

Note & Tips:

  • The 19.5Millions in Indonesia is a big opportunity for businesses to market their product/services.
  • Follow tweets/people from your industry
  • Join in Twitter Chat that’s relevant to you or your business. See this Twitter Chat Schedule for more info
  • Please DO NOT start if you do not have a plan. An abandoned Social Media account is bad your business

Now let’s look at the infographic.

How Big Twitter Is In 2012 Infographic

Would you like to brand your business or yourself successfully on Social Media? I can help.  Please contact me at +65 9792 3379 or email for a FREE no obligation discussion.

Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone & Android

For those managing Facebook Pages would be pleased to know that Facebook released it’s own Pages Manager. It’s a nifty app that put all the pages into one easy to manage space. Now you can see all your new likes and notification as well. I downloaded today morning and here are some screen-shots.¬†


Main screen after you download the app


First time login requires permission from your Facebook account
You can see all your Pages



Notification Tab


Likes Tab
You can also filter the posts
Now you can also see your Insights


App Store download link –¬†;ign-mpt=uo%3D4


Please download and share your experience here…¬†


[InfoGraphic] Can you find a job on Social Media? #SMtips

If you move around the Social Media sphere, I’m sure you heard about this new phenomenon. People are finding job on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or employers peeping onto prospective candidate’s Facebook timeline to see what he/she have been up to. Sometimes these (may not be so important) aspects are taken into consideration to hire.. even fire an existing employer. This reminds me of George Orwell, quite accurate predication of the future. Big Brother is watching.

But would you like to see some stats to support this new way of seeking job.. See below

Thanks to for the inforgraphic

[InfoGraphics] Social Media Cheat Sheet #SMtips

Social Media are growing like mushroom after rain. For all those old and new to Social Media know how much of resources goes into making it a success. Time is the biggest investment, we all know TIME = MONEY. ¬†The advent of various Social Media proposes many opportunity cost, to which businesses and organize can’t ignore. It’s important to pick the right TOOL (ie Facebook) and use it with a smart plan. ¬†If you have any question, feel free to drop your question on comment box. Feel free to use the below cheat sheet and reevaluate your Social Media presence.

Thanks to the innovative  people at for coming up with this fantastic and useful cheat sheet

Do you have any fantastic ideas or tips, please share on comment box. ūüôā