Giveaway something for free in 2013 (Infographic)

Image credit  - 4imprint
Image credit – 4imprint

If you have finished drafting your marketing plans for 2013, make sure you slot it some promotional merchandise. Research shows consumers who received some free stuffs are more likely to do business with you. Google corporate gifts and you will get lots of company’s information. Remember there is usually a minimum order quantity. So make sure ask for a quote and give some allowance for some budget for them. The more you order the cheaper it gets. If you come from large organization, look up for quote. Here you may need to order in thousands but you will find the price is ridiculously cheap. The key factor her is to find something novel and useful. This will motivate your customer to use it therefore they will keep it. This should be your objective.

Some popular promotional merchandize:

  1. Tissue packets – very popular in Singapore
  2. Pens << these are really popular
  3. Post it notes
  4. Reusable Eco bags, you can print your companies logo and addresses
  5. Pen-drive/ USB drive
  6. Key holders
  7. Fridge magnet with calendar
  8. Calendar
  9. Shatter proof mugs
  10. Highlighters

Let me share some ideas on how to use them effectively:

  1. Goodies bags – throw in some of your product brochures, pens and post it notes inside a Eco bag
  2. Mail out calendars to all existing customers
  3. Print a calendar at the back of business card, so people will find a use for it
  4. USB Drives makes a great door gift
  5. Run free giveaways on your Facebook page
  6. Include a promo/discount code with your promotional gifts, this gives your customer an incentive to initiate a business relationship with you

Some reminders

  1. Do not offer a gimmick, be honest and open.
  2. Always evaluate your response rate
  3. If you are selling cakes don’t giveaway an iPad. Find some relevancy

Let me wish you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!


[InfoGraphic] May I have a cup of Early Grey please?

Everything (ok maybe not all) you need to know about Tea.  Explore this renowned British Culture.

Do you love tea? What kind? Share with us

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[INFOGRAPHICS] Are you an Android or iOS?

Awesome people at Hunch came up with this fabulous Inforgraphic. Do we judge people based on what phone they’re holding? I know I do,¬†subconsciously¬†at least. This visual gives very interesting observation and assumption. Some questions to ponder on :-¬†

1) Do you think people who use iPhone are more extroverted and high maintenance?

2) Android users (33%) never back up their computer!

3) Shocking to hear X-men the movie used Android based media!

4) Why? More women using Android!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Optimize your Pinterest

Yes! You read it right, Please make plans to optimize your Images. I have created a personal and business account about two months ago. Pinterest is driving a considerable traffic to my website now. But I must say conversion rate is rather low. I am still tweaking Google Analytics to capture conversions goals. Because ultimately all your social media initiatives should drive targeted traffic for your business. As people who are interested in you or your products has an higher chance of buying from you. I recently ran a Repin & Win contest on Pinterest, which generated a considerable amount of repins, likes and also traffic. In my next few posts, I will be covering more on how I got started with Pinterest. ¬†Another useful resource is to find out what popular Pinterest’ users are doing? Follow and study them, ¬†There must be more than just pinning. Read The 11 Most Popular Pinterest Users article.¬†Please go through this Infographic before embarking on pins and boards.

If you are on pinterest, please follow me and I will follow you back… ūüôā

How students are using Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Monday arrived with competing priorities again! If I delay few more minutes, I will be late. Taking the bus on a Monday morning is a¬†gruesome¬†experience for me. It’s filled like a sardine can, all rushing somewhere. I had to wait for nearly 15minutes before getting on not-so-empty-bus.

Monday also welcomes lots of student. The moment the bus started moving, almost all of them whip out their smart-phone and started scrolling the screen. Busy updating Facebook & Tweeting. One young Malay boy (maybe 12yrs old) even took a picture and upload somewhere onto cyberspace. These interesting behaviors made me wonder. Especially the way how we communicate.

I remember not so long ago, we had pagers and now everything is squeezed onto a smartphone screen. I found an interesting Inforgraphic that slice and dice what college students are doing on the their smart-phone. It introduces some interesting findings for our contemplation.

What’s your opinion? Do you think it’s helping our younger generation?