Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

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I’ve always wondered why some people are more successful than others. Someone suggested I should read autobiographies of successful people and follow their path. This exercise did not go down well with me. Because after some time I realized the story did not belong to me. Therefore following it closely was really a challenge. I needed something more. Some sort of guide that list the characteristic of successful people or otherwise. And from there I will write my own story.

The struggle is not about finding out the truth but how that truth translates to what I believe. I came across such a list of truths about one year ago. Unfortunately the source was unknown. But it was an easy to understand and digest list. I have been working closely with that list and found some short term success. Some of the traits discuss resonates with my natural personality. The trick was to identify them and move them to the other quadrant (which ever you wanna achieve).

People measure success in so many ways. Hence it’s up to you to benchmarks what’s important to you. For me the ability to go to sleep peacefully is a nice gauge of happiness and beyond. Money and wealth does not do it for me. I need something more.

Let me share the list with you now.. do share your thoughts.

Successful People 

  1. Give other people credit for their victories
  2. Accept responsibilities for their failures
  3. Compliment
  4. Read everyday
  5. Keep a journal
  6. Talk about ideas
  7. Want others to succeed
  8. Share information and data
  9. Exude joy
  10. Keep a to do/project list
  11. Set goals and develop life plans
  12. Continuously learn
  13. Embrace change

Unsuccessful People

  1. Take all the credit for their victories
  2. Blame others for their failures
  3. Criticize
  4. Watch TV everyday
  5. Say they keep a journal but really don’t
  6. Talk about people
  7. Secretly hope others fail
  8.  Horde information and data
  9. Exude anger
  10. Fly by  their seat of their pants
  11. Never set goals
  12. Think they know it all
  13. Fear change
  14. Effectively this list is the opposite of the former