Media Preview – library@orchard Protoype Exhibition

This is a long overdue blog post. I blame the busy but fabulous month of December. It all started with a tweet from National Library board of Singapore (their twitter page). I was invited for library@orchard Protoype Exhibition bloggers preview on 19 December 2012 (my birthday). After a quick evening nap, I made my way to Central Public Library at Victoria Street. A bit of mingling ensued with other fellow bloggers and reps from Singapore Poly and NLB.

Image Credit : Wikipedia
Image Credit : Wikipedia

The preview started with brief presentation from Jasna (NLB) and Gareth (SP). They basically covered the closure of Old Library@Orchard to the Design thinking¬†(this is where SP comes in) approach in building the new one. Students from Singapore Poly have interviewed people around Orchard area and gathered their feedbacks into a big board. It was then categorised into three main themes – Learn & Discover, Engage and Escape. The underlining foundation will give answer on how to redefine library beyond it’s¬†traditional¬†roles, ie books and borrowing.

These multi-perspective approach gave birth to various cool (sometimes futuristic) ideas and innovations. I also liked the idea that the library needs to re-invent and evolve to stay relevant. The old Library@Orchard has always been the playground to test new innovations and this will continue with the revival. NLB and SP have developed a range of prototypes on ideas of space design and set up an¬†exhibition¬†for the public. This will run until 31 January 2013. Location : Basement 1, Central Public Library, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Building. If you can’t make in person, do it online¬† or ¬†join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #OrchardPL

After the presentation, we were given an exclusive tour around the exhibition space and got us acquainted with the prototypes. My favourite will be the Cocoon and soon you will find out why. Let the journey begins..

library orchard national trend gallery singapore polytechnic ngee ann city
The prototypes have been design and build around these themes:

Learn and discover through multiple platforms, from print to digital and visual resources

Engage by actively creating and sharing user content; connecting with like-minded people; and moving beyond being passive borrowers of content

Escape by getting lost in time and other realities, both past and present

~ Trend Gallery ~

library orchard national trend gallery singapore polytechnic

Library patrons can view design-themed interactive multimedia exhibitions at this gallery. It’s expected to promote innovations which can be executed immediately with the help of relevant apps and software. Their work can also be produced on a 3D digital printer and added to the gallery. How cool is that!

~ Memory Bank ~
library orchard national design thinking singapore polytechnic

Visitors will see curated collections of home grown stories and achievements ranging from Singaporean Olympians to successful local business start-ups. Think Charles Keith bags and shoes. If your creation from Trend gallery is super-fantastic, you may also get a chance to showcase it here.

~ Cocoon ~

library orchard national cocoon singapore polytechnic

The cocoon was one of the most provocative design concept discussed during the preview especially due to space limitation we have in Singapore. ¬†These pods will bring joy to many, imagine having a space for yourself with adjustable lighting and ambiance music. You can just grab a book from the display or immerse yourself with multimedia content. The idea is a perfect hideaway from the bustling of Orchard road. I imagine these will be filled by school children studying for exams. Hmmm let’s see!!

~ Book Tree ~

library orchard national book tree singapore polytechnic ngee ann city

I just finished reading a fantastic book at the library and I feel the adventure should be shared with others. What do I do? I place that book onto the tree. Hopefully someone else will share my¬†admiration and joy. The tree will also be fitted with QR bookshelf, you just need to whip out your smart phone or tablet and scan. Instantly the eBook will be downloaded into your device. The book spinner is like a jackpot akin to the “Tikam-tikam” game – spin and pick a book. ¬†The other fabulous feature is the 10-minute station – you’re in a rush and got 10 minutes to spare, all you got to do is punch in your variables ie time, content type. Something will be pulled out from the archive just for you.

library orchard national design thinking singapore polytechnic experience
The three pillars of the Trend Gallery
library orchard national trend gallery singapore polytechnic project
Pictorial Journey of the Library@Orchard Project

I hope you are as excited as I am. So don’t wait, go down to the Central Library and visit the exhibition. While you are there take part in the co-creation feedback exercise (you need to fill a small¬†questionnaire). Are you curious on ¬†the location of new Library@Orchard. It’ll be located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Orchard Gateway shopping centre and is slated to open in the 1st quarter of 2014.

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Even the Pope is Tweeting!

When I first heard¬†Pope Benedict XVI¬†is going to start tweeting , I was very curious and excited at the same time.¬†¬†He is the one of the most influential religious leader in the world. The importance of Social Media is evident, especially it’s ability to reach the masses and transcend influence. ¬†He did not just stop at tweeting but also took part in answering some questions from his followers. He responded to seven question over seven hours. Everything was planned and executed beautifully.

These accounts were launched about 11 days ago. Twitter confirmed it through their¬†blog,¬†His Holiness received ten of thousands of questions using hashtag –¬†#AskPontifex¬†,¬†I’ve picked out some interesting ones to share with you!

Deep question from –¬†JamesMartinSJ

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A message to the naughty ones –¬†MichaelDuffy

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Someone who cares about LGBT issues –¬†JBinSFO

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
A random question –¬†antprompts

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict
Now let’s look at his¬†Holiness¬†account, yes he has more than ONE MILLION followers and the number is growing.

Follow the Pope -
Follow the Pope –

Pontifex Twitter Account Tweets Pope Benedict

Some tips for you to take away

  • I love the cover photo, it immediately makes a statement
  • The twitter handle is short and easily¬†recognizable
  • The description is¬†concise/straight to the point
  • Cover page is looking very vibrant with the use of bright sunny colors
  • Even the Tweets were short and easy to read

You can easily use these tips to open a new account or refresh your old one. It’s all about establishing yourself apart from the rest. Create that online charisma and you are half way there. You don’t have to be famous to get a Million followers. My advice is not to get intimidated but start from small and work your way up. You can do it.

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[InfoGraphic] Can you find a job on Social Media? #SMtips

If you move around the Social Media sphere, I’m sure you heard about this new phenomenon. People are finding job on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or employers peeping onto prospective candidate’s Facebook timeline to see what he/she have been up to. Sometimes these (may not be so important) aspects are taken into consideration to hire.. even fire an existing employer. This reminds me of George Orwell, quite accurate predication of the future. Big Brother is watching.

But would you like to see some stats to support this new way of seeking job.. See below

Thanks to for the inforgraphic

[InfoGraphics] Social Media Cheat Sheet #SMtips

Social Media are growing like mushroom after rain. For all those old and new to Social Media know how much of resources goes into making it a success. Time is the biggest investment, we all know TIME = MONEY. ¬†The advent of various Social Media proposes many opportunity cost, to which businesses and organize can’t ignore. It’s important to pick the right TOOL (ie Facebook) and use it with a smart plan. ¬†If you have any question, feel free to drop your question on comment box. Feel free to use the below cheat sheet and reevaluate your Social Media presence.

Thanks to the innovative  people at for coming up with this fantastic and useful cheat sheet

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Starbucks + Social Media = ?

Starbucks – Let’s have a look what they are up to on Social Media?

Image via

31 Million Fans on Facebook

Image via

Almost 3 million followers on Twitter

Over 8 million video views with 14K subscribers

Image via

15,000 followers on pinterest

Image via

Almost 80,000 Friends on renren

Image via (Twitter of China)

Half a million fans on Wei Bo (the Twitter of China)

Articles and news mention about Starbucks…

Now let’s see Howard Schultz’s view on Social Networking and Digital Media

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Are you a believer?

We are taking about Social Media, not beliebers? LOL. This was an interesting video to demonstrate the importance of Social Media. I know you have been being bombarded by similar news from all over. If you are business, you need to establish Social Media Presence, because your customers are using it. Is that a good enough reason? Actually it is! But the only challenge is doing it sustainably over a long long period of time. Most business are worried, standing naked on Facebook. Inviting negative feedbacks or complaint is never on a business’ strategy. Well it’s a choice you need to make. Watch, yet another video advocating Social Media.

Uploaded by  on Jun 29, 2011¬†World’s most watched social media series by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 Best Seller Socialnomics. Version 3 with Fat Boy Slim music. Long 4 minute version

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