Sunday Full English Breakfast

If you are planning to cook something special, why not try preparing Full English breakfast for your family and friends. The origin of full English Breakfast is still unclear. It started in rural England a long long time ago as a sustaining meal for workers. It’s commonly served during breakfast, but sometimes people have it during lunch or brunch. It’s quite popular at bed and breakfast in England. In bigger cities, you may come across restaurants and boutique cafes serving All Day Full English Breakfast.

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes localThough a ‘Full Breakfast’ is universally known and understood other terms used include – A Fry Up, A Full Monty, and in Ireland it is sometimes known as a Chub. I’ve once had a fantastic Full English Breakfast with a large cup of cappuccino and large glass of bloody mary. It was an eventful morning 🙂

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes Singapore

According to HungryGoWhere.Com below is the list of 5 Best All Day Breakfast joints in Singapore.

  1. Wild Honey – They have two locations one at Mandarin Gallery and the other at Scott Square. Their full English breakfast is the star here. My close friends are raving about it. I’ve set a date next week to visit Wild Honey and sample it myself.
  2. Arbite – Their Serangoon locations comes with special breakfast menu. Work hard and Live well motto fits well in this age of work-life balance quest.
  3. Food for Thought – I first visited their Queen Street branch. It’s very unpretentious and very white. Check out their menu beforehand, so you don’t have to waste time browsing menu at the restaurant.
  4. Egg & Berries – another joint promising awesome all day breakfast with Egg Benedict as the highlight.
  5. Cedele – I love fabulous tag lines, cedele’s is my favourite. Eat Well * Be Well. After trying the Breakfast, do order a slice of the Red Velvet cake you won’t regret it.

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes tasty

What’s in a Full English Breakfast:

  1. Bacon – usually back bacon fried in it’s own fat or just line them on a baking tray and grill them inside a oven for few minutes until crispy
  2. Poached or Fried Eggs – I like them scrambled. Make sure you add good quality fresh milk in your egg.
  3. Tomatoes – Trick here is to slice the tomato from the side instead of the middle from the core. That way the seeds stays intact. Easy for grilling or pan fry.
  4. Mushroom – my favourite vegetable. I like fresh white button mushrooms for breakfast, but any kind should be good. Look for meaty ones. Shitake can be a bit overpowering though. If you are fan of Portobello add some goat cheese to enhance it’s flavor.
  5. Bread – Sour Dough with thick crust would be fantastic or you can use your regular bread. Wholemeal Gardenia is good as well. Don’t forget to toast it.
  6. Baked beans – get Heinz and forget the rest. While you’re there grab Heinz Ketchup, you will need it later.
  7. Sausage – this is a tricky choice. I prefer gourmet sausages. You can buy them over counter in a good supermarket. The kind where you need to weigh first. Trust me you will enjoy great taste later. If you feeling like going posh, head down to Pan Pacific Singapore’ Atrium Deli and grab yourself some sausages or look them at Market Place supermarket.
  8. I’ve left out Black Pudding, go explore and discover it on your own

English breakfast baked beans sausages mushroom tomatoes

There you have it, all you ever need to know how to cook up a perfect Full English Breakfast. I did not include a full recipe because it’s way too easy to do except for the scrambled egg. Cook up a storm and share with me your success.

Happy Sunday